Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View:
- giant kaleidoscope capturing live movements of viewers through a 360 degree responsive projection with robotic camera

A kaleidoscope (Greek kalos, “beautiful,” and eidos, “shape)”is a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements, and could signify anything that changes constantly. It could also represent the “observer of beautiful forms,” which for us would be an apt metaphor for the kaleidoscope that we have created. Since the image in the kaleidoscope is to be generated from the beautiful artifacts and images placed within the Museum.
The idea of the kaleidoscope was to create a real time sense of the dynamics generated within the Museum as visitors come and go. The fact that the footfalls could vary from day to day or, indeed, across the weekends could be an opportunity to see the Kaledoscope make variable imaging, which has been achieved by capturing live camera feeds of the exhibition space, aided by the camera moving and stopping across the floors of the Museum.
Since the adjective kaleidoscopic is sometimes used to simply mean “multicolored” because it alludes to the manner of the toy that reflects images off tiny mirrors to create dazzling patterns, the test for this larger than life kaleidoscope remains in its ability to get colorful a responsive use of the technology deployed.


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