So Tweet the Earth

So Tweet the Earth:
- a parody on the lack of Sustainability as expressed though cartoons:

There are various ways that a contentious or difficult situation affecting our everyday lives may be expressed. Print editorials and stand up comedy are only some of them. But, when particularly drawing on humor without it necessarily being dark, there remains the medium of the cartoon, beloved mostly and seldom hated.

And then summing up his experience of water as the subject through the idiom of shoreline, the author concludes:
The words are reminiscent of the photography of Ansel Adams who viewed life through the lens of Nature, choosing to see it unfiltered as the great wilds of the outdoors, with a protestant spirit that only Nature can wield.
‘So Tweet the Earth’ consists of a set of cartoons drawn from a competition worldwide, held on the occasion of an international design event on water in 2015, spearheaded by Cumulus, the largest international network of art, media and design schools along with its host institution, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), India.

As the title suggests, ‘So Tweet the Earth’ uses the Social Media idiom of communication, viz., the twitter, as inspiration as a metaphor for visualization. And combines it with adequate humor to parody our abject neglect of Nature.
Twitter’s ability to communicate directly, often with persons who are unknown or with celebrities or political personas, heralds a new form of communication premised on a sense of access to the otherwise unreacheable, and such access quite inconceivable up until now. This gives the cartoonist the promise of a canvas of messaging that could arguably stretch from end to end, with an almost universal sense of outreach across geographies and communities, predicated on nothing else but a shared medium of communication, a shared topic of interest, and a medium that is popularly understood especially by the young.

The question then is, given this idiom of messaging. And given that a large part of the demographics in countries such as India or those from Africa constitute the young, can we hope to turn the tide of degradation of Nature, to once again make it mean something to us in our everyday lives by using cartoons, the young, and a social media style of communicating as a media?


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