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त्रिनेत्र :: Trinetra Tool

India has a very rich tradition of graphic symbols and visual patterns. A wide range of signs, symbols and patterns are still part of our day-to-day life. Many applications in design are based on the graphic symbols and visual patterns from India.

The Trinetra tool is an attempt to make a centralized open-to-public repository for India related signs, symbols and patterns, which is expected to evolve over time in terms of its content.

त्रिनेत्र (Trinetra) refers to three-eye which depicts the vision which is beyond what normal eye can see. The tool offers to look at each of the visual from three diferent perspective i.e. Graphical, Meaning and Regional attributes.

The logo is derived from Book Indian Symbology 1987, IDC. The Circle is endless and it depicts the infinite cosmos. The square is stable depicting our earth. Upward triangle represents progressing human. The logo means we are human in the vast earth within the infinite cosmos, with constant desire of progress.

The project is a part of "e-kalpa (", sponsored by MHRD.


Student project:

Riken Patel, IDC IIT Bombay

Initiated & Guided:

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah, IDC IIT Bombay
Prof. Girish Dalvi, IDC IIT Bombay

Software Development:

Parvathy Chandran, BVIMIT
Yogesh Masaye, Ekalpa Project, IDC IIT Bombay

Web Layout Design & Technical Guidance:

Roopa N. Sahoo, D'source, IDC IIT Bombay

Initial Design Pattern Contributors:

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah, IDC IIT Bombay
Sitendu Chaudhary, D'source, IDC IIT Bombay
Vinaya Tawde, D'source, IDC IIT Bombay
CDAC, Pune Center, India