Basic Shape
Real - Abstract
Living being
Non-living object
Location of Use
Region of India
Material Used for visual
Type of art

Contribute to Trinetra,

For Contributing your Own Design Patterns, Symbols to Trinetra for People to Use Freely, follow the Guidelines given below

  • You Have to Sign up First for getting User Account
    Signing and creating User Account will enable you to upload your own design patterns and also you can edit, select properties and add keywords for people to find it.

  • Then Login with the entered credentials for getting access to your account.

  • You will get access to user menus.
    Contribute: for uploading new patterns.
    (You can also add example image to show the Use of this pattern in different designs - Borders/Corners/Wall-Decors etc.)

User Guide:

  • You can Upload your Own Design Patterns or symbols( There should be no copyright issue)
  • Have a suitable Caption for your Pattern/Symbol
  • Need to submit pattern in mentioned image formats(Necessary: PNG/SVG, Optional: EPS)
  • You can select from multiple properties suitable for pattern to catergorize it being searchable in use for differet purposes
  • Add your own keywords
  • Add Example of its use(combination in designs)
  • Edit images if you feel so
    Note: To search your own pattern, search with your contributor name in search bar, with keywords Or with selected properties in search bar and submit.